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Bankruptcy and divorce are both daunting and intensive processes, especially in the unfortunate event that they take place at the same time. That said, no matter what situation you’re in regarding bankruptcy and divorce, the expert bankruptcy attorneys at The Cook Law Firm, APLC, can help.

Whether you’re considering both bankruptcy and divorce, you’re currently undergoing one of the processes while considering the other, or you’d just like to know what your options are, our attorneys will be able to look at your situation and provide you with advice as to how you can approach the situation to get the most favorable results for everyone involved.

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can:

  • Provide you with detailed information regarding bankruptcy
  • Provide counsel to you in and out of the bankruptcy court
  • Represent your interests
  • Guide you through the bankruptcy process
  • File paperwork with the bankruptcy court

Should You File For Bankruptcy And Divorce At The Same Time?

While you are able to file for both bankruptcy and divorce at the same time, it’s extremely unusual for them to take place at the same time. What you’re likely to see in the event that you file for both bankruptcy and divorce at the same time is the following.

While both may go through successfully, the bankruptcy process is most often delayed so assets can be divided through the divorce proceedings before beginning the bankruptcy process. This serves to simplify the bankruptcy process and even avoid unnecessary tension between the involved parties.

How Filing For Bankruptcy Before Divorce Could Help You

While in this section we will be talking about the benefits of filing for bankruptcy prior to filing divorce, we understand that it’s not always possible or the safest move for some people. Filing for bankruptcy prior to divorce is a great option for marriages where each party is on good terms and willing to collaborate to make it through the process. The main benefit of filing this way is to cancel combined debts the couple accumulated during marriage before parting ways.

How To Decide When You Should File For Bankruptcy And Divorce

Both bankruptcy and divorce are legal processes that rely very much on the context of those who are filing. By this, we simply mean that for each and every person who undergoes either bankruptcy or divorce, the process is going to look a lot different. Some divorces are filed by couples who are on great terms and want to split amicably. Others have been spurred by events that cause hostility, and these are two of the most generic examples.

Furthermore, everyone’s financial situation looks extremely different. A marriage where each individual made a similar salary, finances were split evenly across the board, and each person had different savings accounts will be much different than a marriage where one person managed finances and another accumulated a heap of personal debts.

All of this is to say that the most effective way to undergo these difficult legal processes is to have the help of an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer to guide you through them. As bankruptcy attorneys, we intimately know the law and have decades of combined experience informing how we approach each case.

This means that we can take a look at your situation and help you understand what will work best for you.

We can help you prepare for bankruptcy, guide you through the whole process, and help ensure that paperwork is properly filed. Not only will this serve to protect your interests and reap the most desirable end results, but it will also relieve a massive amount of stress so you can focus on taking care of yourself and making it through what’s likely an extremely difficult time.

If you’re in need of counsel regarding bankruptcy before, during or after a divorce in Louisiana, contact The Cook Law Firm, today.

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