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Debt Negotiating Lawyers In Shreveport, Louisiana

Outstanding debt has a way to loom over every aspect of your finances and bleed into other areas of your life. If you are tired of worrying about an outstanding unsecured debt, it is time to explore your options. Instead of filing for bankruptcy, an experienced attorney may be able to help you negotiate a settlement that protects your assets and allows you to move forward, free from the creditor harassment and uncertainty of debt.

In Shreveport, Bossier City and surrounding Louisiana communities, you can turn to The Cook Law Firm, APLC, for all of your debt negotiation needs. Our attorneys understand the process inside and out and have helped individuals and families throughout the state achieve a fresh start.

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Negotiation

Bankruptcy is an incredible system that protects the rights of borrowers and consumers, but it is not the right choice for every situation. If you are struggling with one unsecured debt or a debt owed to a single creditor, it may be better to pursue debt negotiation rather than file for bankruptcy. This is often a favorable solution for situations involving a large medical bill, outstanding debt from a single credit card or other “one-off” debts.

You may be considering simply paying off the debt if you have the means to do so. Even if your income allows you to pay the debt in full, there is no reason to pay more than is necessary. Negotiating a single lump sum can protect your bottom line while removing a liability from your creditor’s balance sheet. Everyone wins and you get to move forward without this debt hanging over you.

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