Ending Creditor Harassment With Bankruptcy

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Reclaim Your Finances

Most people don’t truly understand bankruptcy and how it can help when you’re in debt with seemingly no way out. In the grand scheme of things, it creates a plan to address your debts, pay them back, and give you a blank slate, all while giving you relief from debt collectors.

How so? As a part of all bankruptcy Chapters, debts are stayed once the filing is successfully completed. This means, very simply, that once you’re going through the bankruptcy process, it’s actually illegal for debt collectors to harass you for payments.

When Filing For Bankruptcy:


Debts Are Stayed

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A Plan Is Made To Compensate Creditors


A Court-Ordered Plan Is Followed For 4-6 Months Or 3-5 Years


At The End Of The Process Remaining Debts Are Eliminated


You Undergo Credit Reconstruction


The Cook Law Firm wants you to know that if you’re suffering due to debts you can’t seem to overcome, bankruptcy could help. While there are debts that are non-dischargeable like child support or student loans, bankruptcy is effective at resolving unsecured debts and correcting your financial situation.

As an individual, know there are two bankruptcy options available — Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In Chapter 7 debts are paid by seizing non-exempt property and using excess income to resolve debts. Chapter 13, on the other hand, allows you to keep your non-exempt property on the condition that you adhere to a court-ordered payment plan.

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The Cook Law Firm

While, yes, you can technically undergo the bankruptcy process alone, we highly advise against it. Even in this brief description of how bankruptcy can help end debt collection harassment, you’ve likely encountered new concepts you never knew — that’s where we come in.

The Cook Law Firm is expertly experienced in bankruptcy law in the state of Louisiana. We care about people, and we always work our hardest to ensure the most desirable results for our clients. When utilizing our bankruptcy services, you can rest assured that you’ll have a team of professionals who are using their knowledge to get you favorable results and a fair deal. If the idea of putting an end to creditor harassment sounds like something you need, contact us today.

We’ll be happy to run you through your options, thoroughly explain the aspects of bankruptcy, and fight for your interests.

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